Welcome to my psychotherapy practice in ‘Kreis 7’ of Zürich near Hottingerplatz.

Ângela Guidon Hinshaw

Certified Psychologist since 1983
Dipl. Psychoanalyst since 2010

Membrer of F.S.P
Member of C.G Jung Institute Zurich

Psychotherapy for adults and adolescents
E-Mail: angelaguidonhinshaw@gmail.com
Phone: +41 (0) 78 820 14 65
Portuguese - First Language

After extensive post-graduate clinical training and more than 30 years of psychotherapy work in private practice in my homeland of Brazil, I recently became certified in Switzerland and am now welcoming clients to my new practice. After decades of working with a wide variety of clients facing diverse challenges (including depression, personality disorder, anxiety, relationship problems, difficulties with integration or career situations, etc.), as well as supervising others in the helping professions, I feel prepared to continue my work in Switzerland. The form of psychotherapy to be applied depends on the need of each client.


University studies in clinical psychology and years of further training in the Analytical Psychology of C.G. Jung were accompanied by substantial clinical supervision, and during much of my time in Brazil, I worked together with an experienced psychiatrist in a joint practice. I later became a supervisor myself for psychologists involved in the treatment of children who were victims of family violence, and I have shared some of my experiences with colleagues and students through lectures and training courses. I have participated in numerous international congresses on four continents and the frequent exchanges with medical and clinical psychologist colleagues have contributed to the broadening of my knowledge and further development as a psychotherapist.


In times of uncertainty and instability, fear, aggression and sadness or depression can easily lead to personal crises.  Psychotherapy offers us an opportunity for an intimate connection with our deepest truest self, with our soul. It can help give us courage to make necessary changes and to develop ourselves further. Psychological accompaniment and guidance can assist us to successfully navigate difficult life passages in more conscious ways, and to find deeper meaning in our lives. As a Jungian Analyst as well as psychotherapist, I have training and experience in working with materials from the unconscious, such as dreams, drawings, paintings or other creative forms of expression.


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Gemeindestrasse 27
CH-8032 Zürich

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